Giving. It’s What Women Do.

The day I watched this commercial, I was feeling sorry for myself. We understand those days all too often. It was a Sunday after Liturgy and I was ready to teach a lesson for the Mamas & Babas. I was carrying around my little girl. She was clingy and feeling a bit cranky and sleepy. My little boy also didn’t want to go to Sunday School and wanted me by his side at that moment. Everyone was feeling grumpy. And I was questioning how I can serve others when I am “stuck” with my kids!

I wish I can say I was the best missionary that day and that I overcame my negativity and happily began to teach. But, the truth is, someone taught in my place. And I went home annoyed on a number of levels. As I walked home, complaining to myself, I looked in the hut next to me and saw one of our local servants happily serving the young children. She was “wearing” one of her twins on her back and holding the other one in front of her. She was joyously leading the songs of praise for Jesus. I know this lady. She has a thousand challenges. She has many children of her own. In addition, she and her husband also foster orphaned and abandoned children from the church in their own home. She is struggling herself, yet she never stops giving.

These women here in Zambia. These simple women. They are the hidden saints. They teach me how to give. Not to complain. They truly inspire me.

Giving is just what women do. It is how we were created. So, Moms and other Women, my encouragement is to never stop giving. Even when it hurts. Even when it is hard.

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

I would love to hear from you! In what ways do you stay encouraged to keep on giving?


6 thoughts on “Giving. It’s What Women Do.

  1. Bedour says:

    Your words such an inspiration to me. You are a good mom and missionary and wife. You left the whole world to stand by your husband and help the really needy people in all levels in far away Zambia. Not many people can do what you are doing. God bless you Dalia Fam.

    • Thank you Tount Bedour for your kind words! Thanks always for your support and prayers. And it is because of Moms like you that my husband is so giving of himself and life to God. Thank YOU for raising such an amazing man of God 🙂

  2. Good stuff, Dalia. It is just as much of a calling to be a woman as it is a mother. I jokingly refer to my children as my 2 little disciples, but deep down I know that that is exactly who they are. Even when it may seem like the day is spent in obscurity serving others (co-workers, others in ministry, church family, etc), just knowing that my children only have one mama and that the Lord entrusted them to my husband and I is overwhelming, humbling, and pushes me to give even when it’s uncomfortable. especially when it’s uncomfortable. There have been times when my son has given me the biggest hug and and “thank you mommy” or “good job mommy” after a particularly difficult time and it has moved me to tears that the Lord would affirm and encourage me through him…a 2 year old. And Galatians 6:9 was definitely a meditation at one point.

    • Thank you Veronica for your beautiful sharing. It brought tears to my eyes, because I know what you mean. It is beautiful how the Lord can use our pure hearted children to send His message of thanks and love to us. No matter how much we give of ourselves to serve our children and those around us, God cares about US as a person not just our service.

  3. JB says:

    Thanks for the post Dalia. Your points speak directly to me and I am sure to many other mothers as well. I’ve struggled with balancing service and raising my children. As a working mom, it’s tough to justify more time away from my children so that I can prepare a church youth talk or a youth activity. My children are still very young and require a lot of attention and patience. I feel guilty keeping my son awake during his nap time so that I can take our youth group on a trip. I feel guilty asking my parents to watch my children on the weekend in order to take the youth on a retreat because tthat means more time away from them. I feel guilty skipping my son’s lunch on Sundays so that I can serve a Sunday school class. I can go on. It’s very easy to justify NOT being able to serve but I think we must remember that service in itself teaches our children and it’s important that they see us serving others.

    • I completely agree with you JB. We, as mothers, will carry guilt around for everything we do. And we always feel that we are never doing enough. Trust the Lord that you are doing His work and faithful to your children as well as your service. And, I love what you said that serving is teaching our children our values. The other day when we were getting ready for bed, my four year old randomly told me that he had a nice pair of pajamas that he would love to give to the children with ripped clothes next time we go on visitations. Those are invaluable lessons of them watching us and serving with us! God bless your service, JB, in building God’s Kingdom!

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