I Choose Joy


Joy is a choice.

My spiritual father recently told me this profoundly wise statement. It isn’t glamorous. It doesn’t “feel” good. And it isn’t what I wanted to hear. Why? Because it puts me in control of my feelings. It puts me in control of my thoughts. It puts me in control of my response to circumstances around me.

This year I have struggled. With negativity. With complaining. I am stuck in a negativity bubble. And I can’t get out. As I confess and pray about it, I have the solution. Now, I am faced with a decision: do I want to take control and get out of this bubble?

Have I gotten used to this bubble? Maybe deep inside if I search myself, I want to let circumstances control me. My responses. My thoughts. My actions.

Joy is the narrow road. I know I want it. But, can I choose joy?

I have spent too much of my life letting others have control. Letting circumstances control.

It is both terrifying and refreshing to know that I can be in control. By my response. By my thoughts.

Joy is a choice. It is a decision that puts me in control. It ultimately puts God in control. One of my favorite verses that I like to meditate on is, “in Your Presence is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11

If I choose Joy, I choose to be in the Presence of my Savior.

Let’s chat: how do you intentionally choose joy?


4 thoughts on “I Choose Joy

  1. Dalia,
    What a pleasure to serve with you this past Summer through the Meant 2 Live Foundation and Founder/friend, Eddie Fam.
    In my past, I was always a giver, never receiving because I did not think I deserved anything, but mostly because when you have abundance you should give and share with less fortunate. I found out through time that the people I was giving to were already in abundance. They were there out of greed and trying to build themselves even higher up on the social scene. Never the less, I woke up one day. A day I was to surrounded by negative people. People with negativity in them were drawn to me, either to pull me down or lift them up.
    I finally popped that bubble when I realized that I was missing God in my life, and that was only my fault. But then I started to see people differently, enjoying time with a selective few who are positive energy and who build me up and vice versa.
    I think there is a lot of negativity because people are afraid of letting love and God in their lives. They are envious to be the most popular/richest/beautiful and so on.
    I’m more happier now than I have ever been and my visit to the Churches/families and schools in Lusaka made a difference in my life as well.
    God bless you and your family!
    I have seen with my own two eyes the blessings you give to these children/families.
    Kimberly Wilde Warfield
    ps….Richard proposed…yeah

    • Kimberly, thanks so much for sharing this. I am also so thankful to have served with you and Richard in Zambia! Thanks for all you both are doing for our children here.
      I think you have nailed it by saying that we have to just let God in our lives so that we can choose Joy. His presence really changes our view of others and especially ourselves!
      You are a beautiful person, inside and out! God bless and congrats to you and Richard!! Can’t wait for the honeymoon in Zambia ;).

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